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✎ Bonjour! I am Maria Hazel. a mushy simple girl with a lopsided smile. pure bliss. feisty and bubbly that can be also delicate and fragile. i am a lost princess being tended by a knight. i caught his gaze, then were locked in a lingering stares and smiles. but if felt so weird yet so right. amidst the dim romantic lightning and the clearly evening stars. ∞

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Anonymous said: Wow :( Really don't like your new theme, the one column theme with large posts was easier and much more pleasant to scroll through.

Hi! Sorry this is a late reply. I’ve already changed again my theme. :) Hope you like it now. <3

Posted 3 months ago 1 Comments Love Again

Anonymous said: Is that you on your sidebar pic? you're so pretty!

yay! :) yes and thank you.

Posted 3 months ago 1 Comments Love Again

Anonymous said: You are 100% certified lip smackin' aborable! I hope you have a marvy day. peace out. ^_^

Yay! Thank you. Wow. It’s been a while since that last time I got a cute anon message. Smooch! :* 

Posted 3 months ago 1 Comments Love Again

mikamanika said: Hi! I really admire you ever since. I've been following you for a long time now (with my old blog though, this one's new hehe long story). & I was shocked when I received my Candy Style Guide and you were in it! I was like, oh my god I'm one of her followers on tumblr blah blah blah... I tell my friends about you because I really like your style! I'd like to consider myself your fan, if that's okay :) I'd like to tell you more but tumblr ask has limits :( xx takecare!

hi, thank you so much for admiring me. lol yes, it’s like a huge experience for me to be in it. :) I never thought that this blogging would make me go that far, though i know for some it’s just normal, for me, it is such a wonderful experience. I hope I could inspire someone who’s also an ordinary blogger like me to not stop doing what she likes because who knows maybe, someday, a dream may come true.

Posted 7 months ago 3 Comments Love Again

stylishx said: is it you on your avatar? she is so pretty c: <3

Yes, its me. Thank you :3

Posted 8 months ago 1 Comments Love Again

Anonymous said: wait did i miss something ?? i think your hot :) and i would so marry you if it was possable :):) xx

whut? XD 

Posted 8 months ago 2 Comments Love Again

lifeofthetwisted said: Oh jeez. I completely forgot you live in the Philippines and I wanted to make sure everything is okay with your loved ones down there. So, is everyone okay?

Hello there, yes I live in the Philippines, fortunately I live in the northern area which was slightly hit by the Typhoon Haiyan, but me and my fam is okay. It was really tragic for those who was devastated but thanks to those countries who donated so much to help us rise again and start a new life. God Bless us always! :)

Posted 9 months ago 11 Comments Love Again

Anonymous said: I want to tell you a story. A few months ago, I was at school and I had a really bad day, and I was crying but I hid my tears so no one else could see them. And as I was crying, two small butterflies landed on my arm and they stayed there for a few seconds, long enough for me to notice them & smile at them. They flew away and I realized, at that moment, it was my cousin (who passed away a year ago) talking to me, telling me that I'm strong enough to continue living.

Please don’t lose hope even worst things happen. You may cry, just cry for minutes or hours but after that, smile and be happy. :)

Posted 9 months ago 20 Comments Love Again

blushscars said: Hi Hazel! You're so pretty! Especially on those b&w pics. xx

Thank you so much dear. xo :)

Posted 9 months ago Love Again

Anonymous said: Hello. I just want to ask where can I purchase clothes like in your kikay blog? I have no idea where to buy it. I hope you answer this. Thanks a lot.

Hello there, Woo “kikay” blog. haha lols. there’s a link where I got the clothes that I wear on the bottom of my personal posts here

Posted 10 months ago 1 Comments Love Again

vavav0gue said: omg omg omg. YOU ARE IN CANDY STULE GUIDE? i only saw it now. cant wait to grab my own copy. hihi congrats Ate Hazel. 👏👏👏💃👍👠👗👚💄💋💋💋 ily 5ever and Godbless.

Hello there, sorry for the late reply. Yes, I’m in Candy Style Guide :))) Thank youuu. Ily too. Godbless you dear! :)

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Anonymous said: in one of your outfit post is that a true tattoo?

Nope. There’s a note at the bottom of that post

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Anonymous said: Hey! Do you know where I can find good, relatively reasonably priced watches online? I'm looking for a rose or gold coloured one, thanks xx

Hello there, my watches are all from Daniel Wellington. which is really nice, i’m not sure if its scratch resistant because my first ever DW watch has not scratch until now. I love DW watches.

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Anonymous said: from what i assume, it seems like you get a lot of stuff from romwe(?) or is that how you spell it?..... anyways, besides that, where would you recommend to do online shopping from for fall/winter clothes? thank you <3

i recommend sheinside also for online shopping. :)

Posted 10 months ago 3 Comments Love Again

scruttsbear said: 1. I like more because it's closed toe

They’re just the same but with different colors.

Posted 11 months ago Love Again